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" Lucy’s warm and friendly approach gives her an instant rapport with children but she is also very experienced and able to liaise effectively and diplomatically with parents, LSA’s and the school teachers.


We know that the school has grown to greatly value Lucy’s  input and the teachers she has come into contact with have said that it has enriched their range of teaching techniques in ways that have benefitted all of their pupils, not just ones with special needs, and that they have greatly enjoyed working with her. 


We have seen that Lucy’s ‘people skills’ are of the highest order and that she is adept in identifying issues and priorities and in overcoming problems, and carrying other people with her in the process.  


Lucy was able to offer helpful advice to us when we were going through the statementing process for xxx & we are sure that she will be equally as supportive as we now approach the transition to the EHCP. We are convinced that our daughter has benefited tremendously from Lucy’s input & that this has optimised her learning experiences throughout her time at nursery & school."



" You have helped us  negotiate 4 SENCos, 14 LSAs and 12 class teachers…For every email, phone call, text and late night message on your mobile, for every Roger Red Hat, Numicon tile and Visual timetable…for every success, every achievement and every single smile, Thank you Thank you Thank you!"



"Excellent speaker with great depth of knowledge"



"Thank you for all your hard work with xxx and always seeing his potential"



"…can I say this is the most sensible helpful set of insights and advice I've seen about xxx. I'm deeply grateful"



"Her support has been invaluable to both xxx’s  development and to us as parents. She always approaches all tasks with energy and positivity… She is very experienced and on an interpersonal level is very strong. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lucy to other parents and schools."



Meeting the needs course… What have you found most helpful?


- A lot of useful tips for everyday classroom life

- Understanding the difficulties that a child with Down syndrome actually faces every day in the classroom

- Interesting to hear about ‘real’ children and also other teacher’s experiences

- Coming in I knew nothing! It is so useful hearing all the little things that make a big difference.

- Really interesting and useful

- Lots of useful additional snippets and stories which personalised the experience.  Extremely valuable.

- Lots of helpful information and things to think about and take back to school to share with our colleagues

- All very helpful. All amazing…helpful to talk to others.

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